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When we're preparing a quote for you, different aspects come into play. "One size fits all" is not the approach we take at Luton's Web. Every potential client has their own individual style, ideas, and expectations. We don't use pre-made design templates. Each site is designed from the ground-up based upon the individual needs and request of our clients. In order to provide you with that personal quote please consider some of the questions listed below.

  • Do you have an existing website? If yes, would you like to have it redesigned, updated, or just maintained? If no, will you need assistance in obtaining a registered domain name and hosting service?
  • How many pages will it take to present your message?
  • How will those pages be categorized including any sub-categories?
  • Will your visitors interact with forms, e-carts, images, and other elements?
  • What websites have you found that emulate your taste in structure, color, fonts, and over all style?
  • Are you using established branding, or do you need assistance with designing logos, ads, images, and such for your site?
  • How often will you be updating or adding to your site to keep it fresh for your returning visitors?

Contact us today and let's build your personalized quote together that fits your needs... you know you want to!

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